Check back often for our unique, limited edition prints on paper, canvas and metal.  All paper prints (printed on the finest-quality acid-free cotton surfaces, to last a lifetime), are hand-finished by the artist, using ink, pastels or paint, so no two prints is ever exactly alike!  NOTE:  We are pleased to offer our limited edition artwork, greeting cards and jewelry designs through select privately owned retailers.  If you own and operate your own store, please contact us for information!

The Magician - Heat sublimation on steel sign plate.

Size: 12 x 16 inches.  Priced at: $39.00 (+ shipping)

Inquire through our Contact page to insure availability.

Carolina Chickadee Print

Limited to an edition of one-hundred pieces.

Each print is hand-enhanced by the artist, so

no two are ever exactly alike!

Framed size: 11 x 13 inches.  Priced at $54.00

 Use our Contact page to insure availability

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